Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Trendspot 16: Infonaut - trendord 2006!

Enligt språkanalytiker på amerikanska Global Language Monitor (GLM), som bevakar språktrender i världen med tyngdpunkt på engelska rankas ordet "Infonaut" på plats två bland de 10 topp orden 2006. GLM definierar Infonaut – "den som obeskymrad reser längs ‘infobahn’."

Begreppet tillskrivs Howard Rheingold som i sin bok "Tools for Thought: the history and future of mind-expanding technology, 1984 skriver: "The ones I call the "infonauts" are the older brothers and sisters of the adolescent hackers you read about in the papers. Most of them are in their twenties and thirties. They work for themselves or for some research institution or software house, and represent the first members of the McLuhan generation to use the technology invented by the von Neumann generation as tools to extend their imagination. From the science of designing what they call the "user interface"--where mind meets machine -- to the art of building educational microworlds, the infonauts have been using their new medium to create the mass-media version we will use fifteen years from now".

I Sverige introducerades begreppet "Infonaut" av Wolfgang Heller den 6 oktober 1993 i samband med en ansökan om registrering av varumärket INFONAUT hos Patent-& registreringsverket (PRV) och som registerades den 4 april 1994 (PRV 261 587). Samma år startade Wolfgang Heller konsultfirman Infonaut Intelligence Network Consulting som 1999 ombildades till Infonaut AB.

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