Monday, January 08, 2007

Trendspot 20: Biotech Intelligence

STRÄNGNÄS Centre for biomanufacturing in Sweden. Strängnäs, 45 minutes by train, 80 kilometres west of Stockholm, is the centre for biomanufacturing in Sweden. The industry dates back to 1950, when antibiotics production first started. A major step towards modern biotechnology took place in 1985 with the production of human growth hormone using genetically modified bacteria. Pfizer, Microdrug Development, Recip and DSM Anti-Infectives are companies that presently operate in Strängnäs. With the platform, Strängnäs focuses on biotech production. founders include AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Mälardalen University and the municipality.

Pfizer's production plant in Strängnäs is Swedens largest biotechnology plant and has solid experience of development and large-scale production in areas such as microbial fermentation, isolation and purification, as well as of biochemical, chemical and microbiological analyses.

The plant supplies the Pfizer group with a number of products based on biotechnological manufacturing methods. Examples include Genotropin®, the world's most used growth hormone, and Fragmin®, which so far has helped more than 25 million patients prevent blood clots. The plant has good possibilities to produce material for toxicological and clinical studies and since several years it hosts different projects for manufacturing based on fermentation processes.

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