Sunday, June 03, 2007

Swedish Institute in Second Life

Second House of Sweden — Sweden's embassy in the virtual world of Second Life - has opened its doors to the public om May 30, 2007. Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt cut the ribbon at an inauguration ceremony broadcast simultaneously to press conferences in Stockholm and in Budapest.

Second House of Sweden is a virtual replica of Sweden’s embassy in Washington D.C.
but it is not a real embassy. It’s basically an attempt to use a 3D virtual world for marketing Sweden world wide. The difference between Second Life and a regular website is 3D-interactivity. In Second Life uses interact in 3D and can also see all of the other uses who are visiting the same space. Second Life is aslo about role playing, group activities and learning by doing.

Inside and around the Second House of Sweden there is a wealth of exhibits and information. Some examples:

  • A recreation of Raoul Wallenberg's office in Budapest, with a re-enactment of his last day of freedom on January 16, 1945. (In cooperation with the OSA Archivum in Budapest)
  • An art exhibit, curated by Nationalmuseum in Stockholm
  • Royalty-free images of Sweden, fact sheets about politics, industry, design, art as well as virtual Swedish food, with real recipes attached
  • Throughout the region, listen to Radio Sweden's daily news podcasts in English
    Furniture by Swedish wood manufacturers and IKEA — some of which visitors can use to furnish their virtual homes in Second Life.

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