Friday, September 07, 2012

Hot Retail Parks in Sweden: Torp, Uddevalla

Credit: IKANO, Torp Concept
Retail is strong in Uddevalla municipality. The market area covers 382.000 inhabitants, of which 90,000 live in the neighborhood. most people are willing to travel far to come to an IKEA store, and IKEA expects about three million visitors per year. The Torp retail area is well established and popular in the region. Here are shopping malls, grocery chains and volume trade totaling 85 stores with a total retail space of approximately 80.000 sqm.
Credit: IKANO, Ikea Torp, Uddevalla
Commercial Concept
IKANO is developing retail in the very heart of Bohuslän and reinforcing Uddevalla's position as a regional centre for retail. IKEA´s high volume retail centre, with IKEA and market-leading chains selling products for home, leisure and everyday use, will attract visitors from across the region. All shops will have individually designed frontages and will be clearly visible from the E6, the arterial route between Gothenburg and Oslo. A separate entrance in the car park, with space for 1 900 vehicles, and frequent bus services will make it easy for everyone to visit the new Uddevalla retail centre. IKEA is planning to open in the spring of 2013 and expect to see three million visitors per year.
Traffic Concept
In cooperation with the Swedish Transport Administration Uddevalla Municipality has developed a film from a 3D model that gives an idea of ​​how Torp trade area will look like when the trade area and the road system is developed in 2015.

In this movie the spectator flies from the south above the E6 over Uddevalla Bridge to Torp trading area, passing the new 37.000 sqm IKEA store and Ikano buildings on the right. The film ends with a review.

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