Monday, October 01, 2012

Trendspot: Artvertising

Companies have re-discovert the power of arts to attract shoppers by exciting performances and emotional invasion. The American shoe maker Converse "Canvas Experiment" with 500 pairs of Chuck Taylor All Stars stocked wall interacting with their counterparts is a nice example of artvertising. Using Music, video games and movement sensors the cult shoes are integrated in movement forms, images and pattern. The "Canvas Experiment" refers to the origin of the brand, the Rock 'n' Roll. The action provides for an attention-grabbing experience at the point of sale, such as in Converse Store in Berlin. Check out the video below.

Art-like experience and co-creation are new tools to attract consumers emotion and attention. Give it a try by visiting the Converse Co-creation site to design your own stile shoe. Be aware, you´ll be conversed!

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Leny Heller said...

Häftigt! Och jag som älskar Converse :)