Saturday, October 06, 2012

Trendspot: 3D Printing@Home

There’s a new standard in desktop 3D printing. The fourth generation machine from Brooklyn, New York-based Makerbot Industries is the best desktop 3D printer on the market. With a resolution capability of 100 microns and a massive 410 cubic inch build volume, the Replicator™ 2 Desktop 3D Printer is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable tool for making professional quality models. Makerbot has set a new standard in desktop 3D printing priced US$ 2199. 
Open Source Co.Creation 
MakerBot hosts an online community called Thingiverse where users can post files, document their designs, and collaborate on open source hardware. The site is a collaborative repository for design files used in 3D printing, laser cutting services, and other DIY manufacturing processes.

3D Food Printing 
The researchers at Cornell University have been cooking up a new appliance for your home -- a 3-D food printer. They've been experimenting with all kinds of goo, including cheese, cookie dough and liquid turkey. Check out their 3D Cooking video below. 

Astoria, New York- based Essential Dynamics, founded in 2007 has developed the Imagine 3D Printer, that can be filled with chocolate, cheese,  epoxy, silicone, and even concrete for creations that will last a bit longer than dessert. The 3D printer is priced US$ 1995.

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