Monday, November 05, 2012

Toyota tests Ha:mo Urban Transport System Credit

Credit: TMC, Ha:mo station
Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), in cooperation with the Toyota City municipal government, transportation companies and others, recently announced tests of an optimized urban transportation system called "Ha:mo". The system will select optimal means of transport for users based on the operational status of public transport systems and traffic conditions.  Vehicle-sharing stations are to be installed at four locations within Toyota City, providing a car-sharing service using "COMS" ultra-compact single-occupant electric vehicles (EVs) manufactured by Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.
The term Ha:mo is being given to TMC-developed systems that seek to provide user-, town-, and community-friendly transport support through the effective use of public transportation in combination with motor vehicles and other forms of personal mobility.  The system for the tests comprises two elements: "Ha:mo Navi", which links individual users, transportation system operators and communities to enable searches for seamless yet low-emission transport routes, and "Ha:mo Ride", an ultra-compact EV sharing service designed to accommodate short-distance travel in urban areas.
The Ha:mo tests were selected as part of the Next-Generation Energy and Social System Demonstration Projects sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and are being conducted under the Toyota City Low-Carbon Verification Project.

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