Monday, January 28, 2013

Swedish Retail 2020

Retail companies all over the world are experiencing a rapidly changing competitive landscape, with increasing pressures from global and local e-commerce players challenging the brick and mortar business model. Emerging future trends such as the rise in the consumer power of Millennial (those born between 1982-2000), shrinking middle markets, new in-store experiences supported by mobile devices, pop-up stores, more showrooms and more emphasis on personalization, will open opportunities for creative action and new players.

A new report from the Jones Lang LaSalle’s research team analyses the impact of rapid technological change on consumer behavior and shopping decisions. Differentiation between purchasing channels – from mobile to online to in a store – is quickly fading. Innovations within the logistics and distribution sector provide new opportunities for retailers and suppliers to bring product “to the table” in an increasingly competitive global environment.

For more information about the report, please visit the Jones land LaSalle´s website.

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