Wednesday, February 20, 2013

iZettle Chip & PIN reader

Credit: iZettle

Swedish iZettle, the social payments company, has introduced a new member to the iZettle family: a brand new Chip & PIN reader. This reader allows the user to accept all major cards and is perfect for small and growing businesses that need to process high transaction volumes. iZettle made things simple, so users will use the same great iZettle app as before, but with this reader customers will confirm the purchase with PIN instead of signature. Of course, the Chip & Signature reader will still work just as before. For now our Chip & PIN reader will be available for purchase in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
The iZettle service was first launched in Sweden in the summer of 2011 and is now available to individuals and small businesses across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, The United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. Over the coming months, iZettle will bring secure and easy payments to more people, continuing the mission to empower entrepreneurs and democratise card payments in more countries around Europe and the world.

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