Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New e-commerce books

Australian e-commerce entrepreneurs Nathan and Tessa Harnett describe in their new book— Retail Rebellion: How to Create Your Own Online Empire, their own journey into online marketing.
Now they run eight e-commerce sites, and have over six years of online and offline retail business experience. Nathan is a former air-traffic controller who switched to e-commerce as a career in 2005.
Retail Rebellion explains how online entrepreneurs can use free services like Google's Keyword Tool to conduct market research, homing in on existing products to sell for which there is already plenty of demand but weak competitors.
Sourcing attractive products, setting up an online shop, building website traffic, creating buzz with social media, fulfilling orders, managing inventory,  are basic steps for successful online retailing. The Harnetts distill their own trial-and-error experiences setting up a series of successful online shopping sites such as Vurge Jewellery dedicated to providing high quality modern jewellery at extremely affordable prices.

From the same authors comes The Retail Rebellion Product Sourcing Guide. Topics covered include: What platforms to use to source suppliers; How to evaluate suppliers; How to pay suppliers (and how not to); Shipping and Logistics; What to do when things go wrong; and more!

Check out Tessa´s slideshare presentation ar PeSA and Sydney Online Retailers Conference here.

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