Saturday, April 27, 2013

Swedish e-Commerce scenarios

E-commerce growth in Sweden will be evident to trade, contractors, building owners and consumers according to a new study of the HUI Research Institute commissioned by GS1 Sweden. Calculating three different scenarios for e-commerce growth HUI researchers expects e-commerce's share to increase significantly from 5 to 13 percent in five years.
Food, furniture and building materials is expected to increase the most.

Consumers are the biggest winners when e-commerce is growing, as they get more choice and more deals to choose from. Physical commerce will continue to be the primary way to shop, but we will see a structural change, says Lena Larsson, CEO of HUI Research.
The acceptance rate of the consumers to get the wrong item or not being able to track the delivery will be low. Being able to scan bar codes in stores and order the item in the online store is quite possible today but the supply is limited.

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