Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Internet Future Scenarios

Credit: Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young, a global leader in assurance, tax, transactions and advisory services, has presented a scenario study entitled How will consumers communicate in 2020?
The scenarios based on two core uncertainties -  security and privacy and degree of Internet integration into our daily lives - cover four divergent and challenging scenarios:

  • Full Speed Ahead scenario (self-regulation and uniform standards)
  • Roller Coaster scenario (high speed innovation, no rules)
  • Speed Limit Control scenario (stringent rules and regulations, more expensive, less user-friendly)
  • Gear Down scenario (lost of trust in the Internet)

The report ends with an example asking "How will people shop for groceries in 2020?" and projects the scenario findings into a 2020 shopping environment. In the full speed ahead scenario the virtual assistant Moby takes care of food recommendation, purchase and delivery, while in the gear down scenario consumers are shopping more offline.

Compare also with a similar scenario study about the future of the Internet developed by The Internet Society in 2009.